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Clearance certificate

Requirements for the receipt of a repair

Before sending pumps for inspection / repair, this clearance certificate must be completed. The clearance certificate is to be deposited with the shipping documents / delivery bill in the shipping bag of the package, accessible to the recipient, and must be accessible and verifiable before opening the package.

Pumps sent in without a clearance certificate or with an incomplete clearance certificate will not be accepted by us and will not be processed.

We would like to point out that a contaminated pump placed on the market is a punishable act, as it exposes the employees of the transport company as well as the environment to danger.

Being aware of this responsibility towards people and the environment, we do not see ourselves in a position to put the pump sent to us back into circulation and return it to the sender in case of defective execution of the clearance certificate.

We therefore reserve the right to store the pump sent to us properly and without risk until it is collected by the sender. The customer shall bear the costs for storage and collection.

If the pump is not collected by the user within 8 weeks after our written notification of the insufficiency of the clearance certificate, we will dispose of the pump or commission a certified disposal company. We will charge the customer for the costs of disposal.

As a company, we are committed to our employees and their health is our top priority!

Pumps must be cleaned / rinsed / decontaminated by the user in such a way that no product residues remain in / on the pumps. If complete draining and subsequent cleaning is not possible (e.g. in the case of a defective pump), the pump must be dismantled by the user. The fluid-side components that were originally contaminated and cleaned must be stowed in a separate container in the package or disposed of by the user. Defective, non-running pumps are only accepted in disassembled condition.

Repair of the pump is only possible with decontaminated pumps or pump parts!

Pumps that have been in contact with flammable/explosive, toxic/microbiological, radioactive or other substances hazardous to health will only be accepted with proof of decontamination in accordance with regulations. PTFE components that have been stained and contaminated by diffusion and penetration must be removed by the user and disposed of immediately. 

We expressly point out that we may hold the operator of the pump fully liable if this declaration is not completed truthfully. Especially in the case of personal injury, an untruthfully completed clearance certificate may constitute a criminal offense.

If you do not have a copy of a clearance certificate, which we include in our delivery documents with each delivery of a new or repaired pump, you can download the copy from our website. download.

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