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Modular plant construction

Modularer Anlagenbau

Small batches, increasing product diversification and the desire for the shortest possible time to market place high demands on modern production facilities. Automation and modularization are seen as promising approaches to solutions. To speed up the planning and engineering of such production lines, Fink Chem + Tec is working with other organizations and manufacturers on the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 guideline.
A standardized description model for functions is being developed under the name Module Type Package (MTP). It enables a plug-and-produce approach that reduces the engineering and implementation effort for modules (Process Equipment Assembly, PEA) in new or existing plants.
A PEA can, for example, be a dosing module consisting of a dosing pump, a storage tank and sensors. The MTP describes the functionality, the communication interfaces, the user interface and the process functions of the PEA. This information is finally made available via a control unit for the product-superordinate process orchestration layer (POL), with the help of which the operator orchestrates his plant.

Advantages of MTP:

  • Standardized interface simplifies and accelerates integration, exchange and reorganization of prefabricated modules in new and existing production plants or laboratory setups (plug-and-produce principle)
  • Enables communication between modules from different manufacturers without any adaptation effort
  • Accelerates planning and simplifies engineering, thereby shortening time to market
  • Facilitates procurement of modules for manufacturing

Erste MTP-Demonstratoren wurden bereits auf der Hannover Industriemesse HMI im Frühjahr 2022 gezeigt. Als einziger Pumpenhersteller hat auch Fink Chem + Tec einen voll funktionsfähigen MTP-Demonstrator ausgestellt.

MTP capable pumps

Fink Chem + Tec presented its fully functional MTP demonstrator to the public for the first time during the Hannover Industrial Fair.
Er umfasst drei vollwertige PEAs: zwei Dosiermodule sowie ein Extraktionsmodul. Jedes der beiden Dosiermodule setzt sich aus einer Ritmo R15, verschiedenen Sensoren und einer 5-Liter-Vorlage zusammen. Das Extraktionsmodul wiederum besteht aus einem Mixer-Settler sowie Sensoren zur Erfassung von Druck und Temperatur.

Instead of the Ritmo R15 dosing pump used in the demonstrator, we can also integrate other pumps into a PEA. In particular these are:

  • Dosing pump R05
  • Dosing pump R033
  • High pressure metering pump Carino 09
  • Peripheral impeller pump Flujo 01
  • Peripheral mixers Espira 02
  • Gas circulation pump Ziclon 04

If you need a different pump for your MTP project, please contact us. Together we will find a solution for your requirements.

Beschriebung Modularer Anlagenbau

Services for modular systems

If you wish, we can also apply our know-how from equipment construction and our experience from working on the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 guideline to your existing projects or to your new systems that are in the planning stage.

We will be pleased to design your MTP plant modules for the automation of your production plants together with you.

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