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Dosing pumps

The elegance and ease of dosing with positively controlled valves, variable pressure stroke and full PTFE equipment for liquids and gases

delivery pump / regenerative turbine pump

The pumping of aggressive fluids at the limits of temperature, pressure, corrosivity and gas loading with hermetically sealed Peripheral pumps.

High-pressure piston pumps

The power and precision of high pressure dosing with 2 independent drive systems for HPLC and variable process applications

Willkommen bei Fink Chem + Tec GmbH

Fink Chem + Tec GmbH has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of specialized dosing pumps, micro dosing pumps and high pressure dosing pumps for many years. They are primarily used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, especially in the laboratories of research and development, in process development and process optimization, but also in industrial applications as a miniature metering pump in reaction, mixing or production processes.

In particular, the Ritmo®-15 diaphragm metering pumps are characterized by their ultimate in chemical resistance in their full-PTFE design. Positively controlled and variable valve technology ensures absolute tightness and vacuum compatibility. High-pressure metering pumps of the Carino 09 series are in turn designed in dual drive technology.

With the takeover of the K-Engineering company, the product range was decisively increased by peripheral wheel pumps, peripheral mixers and reactors and gas circulation pumps.

Be accompanied by our world of dosing pumps and filling pumps, mixing pumps and sampling pumps, vacuum dosing pumps and gas dosing pumps as well as high-pressure dosing pumps, gas circulators, peripheral wheel pumps, peripheral reactors and peripheral mixers.

You will find information about heatable and coolable dosing pumps and about small delivery pumps in high-pressure design and with integrated speed control.

Special applications have led to the development of acid pumps for sample preparation, for hydrofluoric acid analysis, nitric acid debinding processes or PTFE-lined pumps for semiconductor technology. pH-controlled dosing pumps are equipped with integrated control technology and multiphase pumps are designed for high gas enrichment.

If you have any further questions after visiting our website, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax or e-mail, as always you want.

We are looking forward to it.

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13.-17.05.2024: IFAT in München


Eingang Fima Fink Chem und Tech

The headquarters of Fink Chem+Tec GmbH, including the management and the entire commercial department, are located at the Echterdingen site.

At the production site in Papenburg our peripheral wheel pumps, peripheral mixers, peripheral reactors and gas circulation pumps are manufactured.

The products of Fink Chem Tech GmbH are distributed by local representatives around the world. Below you will find all representations listed.

Job offers

The Fink Chem + Tec GmbH is a family owned company in 3rd generation. For our
weiteres Wachstum brauchen wir Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die uns mit ihrem Fachwissen und Ideen helfen, unsere Erfolge weiter auszubauen.

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