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With its locations in Leinfelden and Papenburg, Fink Chem + Tec GmbH is optimally positioned for the future.


Fink Chem + Tec GmbH currently distributes its products with 9 representatives in 7 countries.


These companies trust us and already rely on the pump technology of the
Fink Chem + Tec GmbH

Geschichte der
Fink Chem + Tec

At the beginning of the sixties Mr. Günter Fahrion, our uncle, developed and patented the first dosing pumps in full-PTFE-equipment and with positively controlled valves. Even the first small amounts dosing pumps with their ingenious drive and eccentric technology were a remarkable innovation in the dosing technology at the time.

In its tradition and with steadily growing know-how, we are now developing and building in the third generation metering pumps in a specialized PTFE version and highest functionality.  

2006 our Ritmo®05 precision metering pumps Ritmo®05 In 2006, our Ritmo®05 precision metering pumps once again set new standards in small amount- and microdosing technology. In addition to the proven PTFE technology, these pumps was characterized in particular by a variable discharge speed and controllable valve actuators   

2008 we were able to present multichannel pumps , sampling pumps and dosing systems in master / slave configuration for time-synchronized dosing processes. Both developments open up completely new application options for diaphragm metering pumps and underline the high development potential of Fink Chem + Tec GmbH. 

2011 followed the development of high-pressure metering pumps up to 600 bar. Especially with its dual drive technology, the Carino 09 high-pressure pumps can not only dose pulse-free, but also 2 fluids independently with just one dosing pump. 

2015 the acquisition of K-Engineering led to a decisive expansion of our product range through special high-pressure peripheral wheel pumps, patented peripheral reactors and -mixers as well as heatable gas circulation pumps peripheral impeller pumps in Hochdruckausführung, patentierte Peripheralreaktoren und -mischer sowie beheizbare Gaszirkulationspumpen. 

2017 , the sole management was transferred to the junior boss Andreas Fink. At the same time, the company was renamed from a GmbH & Co.KG to Fink Chem + Tec GmbH and 80% of the shares were transferred to Andreas Fink.

At the same time, the development of metering pumps R05-pH with integrated pH control was completed. R05-pH abgeschlossen. 

2018 with the Ritmo®15 series, we presented High-Tec metering pumps with variable valve actuators and fluid-neutral pressure measurement technology, again the most innovative developments with unique selling points of our dosing technology.

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