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MIM equipment

MIM process and accessories

MIM procedure and accessories:

The MIM process
The MIM process (Metal Injection Molding) is a special powder injection molding process for the production of components of complex geometries and high volumes.

Catamold® stands for a special MIM technology with granules of metal or ceramic powder and a polyacetal binder developed by BASF SE.

From so-called green parts is removed with a catalytic debinding process the binder residue-free from the components.

The debinding is carried out with gaseous nitric acid in a gas-tight oven at temperatures of 110-140 ° C under N 2 atmosphere.

The acid metering pump R05 CAT doses smallest amounts of a 98% nitric acid into the debinding furnace, which evaporates in an evaporator shell. The catalytic action of the nitric acid vapors leads to very fast binder removal times.

For a laboratory oven with 50 l content about 40 g / h nitric acid and about 500 liters N2 / h are needed.


  • Acid bottle with PTFE screw connection including fluid connections for PTFE dosing hoses and venting connection to the debinding furnace
  • Evaporator bowl in full PTFE for the debinding oven
"Vent Valve"

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