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With its sites in Echterdingen and Papenburg, Fink Chem + Tec GmbH is ideally positioned for the future.


Fink Chem + Tec GmbH currently distributes its products with 9 representatives in 7 countries.


These companies trust us and already rely on the pump technology of Fink Chem + Tec GmbH

Location Echterdingen

The headquarters of the company Fink Chem + Tec GmbH is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, together with the management and the entire commercial department.

Here are our dosing pumps at home.

With the know-how in diaphragm metering technology and especially in the design of metering pumps with force-controlled valve technology, the metering pumps Ritmo® R05 and, in the latest development, the high-tech metering pumps Ritmo® R15 are manufactured at the Echterdingen site.

The production of our diaphragm metering pumps Ritmo® R033 and Ritmo® R13, also with high-quality PTFE equipment, is also located at the Echterdingen site.

High-pressure piston metering pumps in dual drive technology reflect our ambitions in high-pressure small-volume metering technology. The Carino C09 series of high-pressure metering pumps is also integrated in all its designs at the Echterdingen site.

The workplaces for the construction of the metering pumps and high-pressure pumps are equipped with modern CAD technology. 

Our own software- and hardware development create the conditions for programming complex dosing processes

A workplace equipped with special simulation software allows us to gain insight into the flow processes in the pump head, graphical representations with associated pressure build-up and the calculation of flow-relevant pump sequences.

Last but not least, the Echterdingen site is home to state-of-the-art manufacturing potential with its own laser technology and 3D printer for the production of plastic models, partial components and prototypes.

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Andreas Fink

Managing Director / Construction, Development

Phone : 0711-9975-5427
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Mirjam Knapp

Quotation and order processing / accounting

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Robin Hillengaß

Development, software programming

Phone : 0711-9975-5427
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Philip Köhler

Sales / Customer Service

Zip code area 6, 7, 8, 9
Telefon : Tel. 0175-9550309
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Michael Durchholz

Sales / Customer Service

Zip code area 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Phone : 0173-6984950
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