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Dosing pumps Ritmo®05

The elegance and ease of dosing with positively controlled valves, variable pressure stroke and full PTFE design
for liquids and gases

Dosing pumps Ritmo®05

Ritmo®05 dosing pumps are self-priming precision dosing units with positively controlled valve technology. In their design details, they differ significantly from the previously available diaphragm metering pumps on the market and making them a unique dosing pump in the sum of these features

Materials Equipment

All fluid contacting components, i.e. valves, diaphragm, pump head and fluid fittings are made of virgin ultrapure PTFE and with special PTFE modifications to ensure ultimate chemical resistance. There are no other materials, gaskets or valves that limit chemical resistance.

  • Ritmo® metering pumps can therefore dose almost all aggressive fluids and gases, acids, alkalis, solvents.
  • Ritmo®05 metering pumps can handle metering tasks with the highest degree of purity and absolute freedom from metal down to the ppb range, e.g. in semiconductor technology.
  • Ritmo®05 dosing pumps can meet the criteria of FDA compliance (EC Regulation 10/2011) and be used for food contact materials.

3 µl/min – 480 ml/min
1,5 – 4 bar

Unmatched functionality

In the interplay of constructive specifics, a Ritmo®05 dosing pump derives unprecedented flexibility and user-friendliness. Important functions can be activated with direct access to the user interface. The dosing rate is entered directly in ml / min. A calculation of the desired metering rate from stroke frequency and stroke volume is unnecessary for the user.
Defined and reproducible working conditions of the valves and the diaphragm allow precision dosing of 1% of the set value.
Important functions that have not previously been available on the market are clearly arranged on the user interface and can be activated at any time.
With a return function, the dosing pump can backwards against its original conveying direction. The pump head and lines, from the reaction vessel to the template, can be emptied back. This saves money on expensive raw materials and increases work safety in handling with aggressive and harmful fluids.
Via the clean function both valves can be opened simultaneously. It creates a free passage through the per se hermetically sealed pump head. The pump head can be rinsed and cleaned, possibly also be dissolved by solid deposits or sterilized with hot steam. When installed, this saves repair costs and installation time.
The Max function ensures fast filling of the apparatus from the template to the reaction vessel. This is particularly important at very low dosing rates, which would cause very long filling times. Above all, the user saves time during commissioning and can still work with very low dosing rates.
Die Max-Funktion sorgt für ein schnelles Befüllen der Apparatur von der Vorlage bis zum Reaktionsgefäß. Das ist besonders bei sehr kleinen Dosierraten entscheidend, welche sehr lange Befüllzeiten verursachen würden. Der Anwender spart vor allem Zeit während der Inbetriebnahme und kann dennoch mit sehr kleinen Dosierraten arbeiten.

Fluid connections

Ritmo®05 werden standardseitig mit Fluidanschlüssen RGL ausgerüstet. Sie sind in PTFE ausgeführt. Mittels Klemm- und Dichtring werden die PTFE-Schläuche angeschlossen.
Im Bedarfsfall können die Dosierpumpen auch mit Edelstahlschneidring-Verschraubungen ausgestattet werden. Der Übergang zum PTFE-Pumpenkopf wird durch ein PTFE-Pressteil sichergestellt.

Für beheizbare Dosierpumpen oder für Vakuumdosierungen kommen auch sogenannte REA-Flex-Anschlüsse in Betracht. Das PTFE-Inlet sichert die Chemikalienbeständigkeit. Der flexible Silikonmantel verbessert die Dichtheit der Verschraubung, vor allem bei wechselnden Temperaturbeanspruchungen und bei hohem Vakuum.

Weitere, anwendungsspezifische Verschraubungen sind möglich. Technische Details sind jedoch mit Rücksprache zu unserer technischen Abteilung zu klären.

Automation capability

Each Ritmo®05 dosing pump has a 4-20 mA analog interface to externally set the dosing rate and start / stop the pump. Due to the extremely high setting range of the dosing rate of 1: 1000, the assignment of the 4-20mA signals in different resolutions can be selected.

Ritmo®05 metering pumps can also be equipped with an RS232 digital interface. In addition to the specification of the dosing rate, this also allows the activation of additional functions such as "return", "clean", "max" or "cal".

The dosing pumps can communicate with each other via a special master / slave interface, which was specially developed for the Ritmo®05 dosing pumps They exchange important data without the need for a separate controller. Synchronous or asynchronous coordination of several dosing pumps with each other allows pulse-free dosing or volume-proportional, time-synchronized dosing, unprecedented with diaphragm dosing pumps and therefore a novelty in dosing technology !

Valve and drive technology

Ritmo®05 metering pumps differ significantly from diaphragm metering pumps with commonly used ball valve technology. R05 dosing pumps work with small valve diaphragms. These valves are clocked by solenoids and ensure absolutely tight working conditions and a high vacuum capability of the dosing pump

  • Positively controlled valves ensure insensitive dosing behavior against gas bubbles in the fluid, outgassing effects on liquids with high vapor pressure or gas leaks due to leaks or empty dosing lines.
  • Ritmo®05 metering pumps are therefore absolutely self-priming and absolutely leakproof between the suction and discharge side. They do not have to be vented, filled or protected against dry running.
  • Ritmo®05 dosing pumps always operate with full stroke length, regardless of the desired dosing rate, i.e. the metering takes place exclusively via the stroke frequency with associated discharge speed. A metering output is therefore variable from 1.3 seconds to 30 minutes.
  • The typical pulsation of a diaphragm pump is transferred by the sliding diaphragm drive into a pulsation-reduced, gentle discharge process. Pulsation dampers are not necessary.

Software options

Software options R05
Software options include upgrading and expanding the capabilities of a standard R05 pump with adjustments to specific fluid properties, plant configurations, and control options.

Software equipment Ritmo®05-AK (AK = Antikavitation)
With this software, the user can vary the suction process in 0.5 seconds increased and adapted to its process. This offers itself et al during suction from the vacuum or when dosing viscous fluids or to reduce outgassing effects (fluids with high vapor pressure)

Software equipment Ritmo®05-VD (VD = vacuum on the pressure side)
Behind this software-side equipment is the ability to equqlize the discharge process into a vacuum process (e.g., in distillation columns or thin film evaporators) by the permanent clocking of the pressure-side valve of the metering pump. During the ejection process, the pressure-side valve is opened and closed at short intervals of approx. 250 msec.

Software features Ritmo®05-PA (PA = low-pulsation suction)
Behind this software-related equipment is the reversal of the dosing processes of an R05.
Depending on the dosing rate entered, the dosing pump sucks the fluid slowly out of the process and pushes the aspirated dosing volume with max. short time via the pressure-side valve. With this software very even and product gentle suction can be realized.

Software Features Ritmo®05-TW (TW = Timer-Wait)
With the timer setting, the dosing pump is given the duration of the dosing process.
With the wait setting, the dosing pump is given the time of starting a dosing. From this moment on, the dosing pump works at the set dosing rate until the preset time has elapsed.

Software features Ritmo®05-RD (RD = reversible dosing)
The dosing pump can work reversibly in its suction and discharge cycles. Especially with absolutely inert working conditions towards the environment or in certain dilution processes, this method of operation is appropriate. The metering pump may e.g. be filled with a suitable fluid, and in the further course of work, only a few suction and discharge strokes can be reversibly worked, without the inert fluid necessarily having to fill the pump chamber.

Software features Ritmo®05-VH (VH = variable stroke)
With this software the dosing pump works with variable stroke and always maximum discharge speed. The set dosing rate is ensured via the stroke length. This procedure is particularly advantageous in rapid dosing and control processes, typically the dosing control and readjustment of the dosing pump via a high-resolution balance.

3 µl/min – 480 ml/min
1,5 – 4 bar

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