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Pump head assemblies C09

The power and precision of high pressure dosing with dual drive technology, flexible pump head arrangements and optimized valve technology

Carino C09 high pressure metering pumps

Carino-C09 high-pressure metering pumps offer maximum flexibility and functionality with their dual drive technology and flexible pump head arrangements and an extremely space-saving design.

Pulse-free dosing processes:

The 2 available pump heads are connected to one another on the pressure side by means of a T-piece, while the 2 metering pistons are moved alternately with one another, each with an electronically controlled stepper motor. The duration of the output process varies depending on the set metering quantity, while the suction stroke is always implemented at maximum speed.

With their alternating mode of operation, pulsation-free metering is ensured at every moment of the metering process. While one working piston ejects fluid, the second working piston suck in fluid. At the time of the suction phase of the first working piston, the second working piston takes over the output process.

The alternating mode of operation also offers the possibility of doubling the metering rate with a comparatively small pump head and at the same time enabling pressure to be built up which a pump with a larger pump head volume cannot achieve.

Pulse-free with working / auxiliary pistons:

In this version, a working piston is replaced by a valveless auxiliary piston for cost reasons. While a working piston ensures pulse-free metering, the so-called auxiliary piston takes over the ejection process during the short suction phase of the working piston and ensures the pulse-free metering process.

Single pump head:

This metering pump is primarily an investment-saving version with only one pump head and associated drive mechanism. It is suitable for applications where pulsation-free output are not required. Typical applications can e.g. the filling of pressure autoclaves, the filling of reaction components or any other pulsation-independent high pressure dosing.

Independent pump head arrangement:

In this double pump head arrangement, the 2 available pump heads with different dosing rates and 2 different fluids work completely independently of each other. The metering pump display is halved. Each pump head can be operated separately.

This version is particularly economical in terms of investment and space if several fluids are to be metered in a mixing or reaction process in one application.

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