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Peripheral reactors Espira 02

The delivery, mixing, diluting, dispersing and homogenizing during the delivery process with hermetically sealed peripheral pumps

Peripheral reactors Espira 02

Espira 02 – Periperal Reactors pumps are magnetically coupled peripheral pumps designed for demanding reaction and mixing processes in process development and in a variety of chemical production processes.


Essentially, Espira 02 - peripheral reactors have the same constructive design as a peripheral pump with delivery channel, interrupter, the typical peripheral impeller with application-specific design of the peripheral delivery cells and the drive motor with magnetic coupling.

The pump head is additionally equipped with one or more fluid connections to enter 1-3 mixing components directly into the pump head.

During the rotation of the impeller there is a rapid pressure increase in the peripheral delivery cells, with a pressure equalization via the impeller and an intensive mixing with the fluid in the delivery channel. This characteristic impulse exchange for peripheral mixers is the basis for an intensive mixing and fast reaction process within the pump head and during the delivery process.
und somit während des Fördervorganges.

Espira 02 - peripheral Reactors are therefore an effective and economic alternative to large-volume stirred tanks or stirred tank cascades, fluidized bed reactors, injectors and static reaction systems for many processes in chemical and process engineering. Their tolerance to solid or gas fractions also provides alternatives to microchannel-structured reactors units.

Espira peripheral reactors are always manufactured by Fink Chem+Tec in magnetically coupled design. They are therefore hermetically sealed and meet the environmental requirements according to TA-Luft (technical instructions for keeping the air clean).

Material features:

Espira 02 – peripheral reactors are designed primarily for harsh operating conditions, aggressive fluid properties and high gas fractions in the fluid. Various stainless steel, Hastelloy, ceramic and tungsten carbide (carbide) or PTFE linings are used for the pump housing. For static sealing O-rings made of FKM, FFKM (Kalrez) or high-temperature resistant seals are selected.

Fluid connections:

Depending on the application and integration of the pumps into the process, the fluid connections use stainless steel or PTFE / PFA cutting ring fittings, flange connections or high pressure fittings.

Operating conditions:

Espira E02 – peripheral reactors can be used for simple mixing and reaction processes during the delivery process and even for the most demanding chemical applications. They can be configured for process temperatures up to 450 ° C, system pressures up to 700 bar and atex-compliant Ex-designs.

They can be used in a variety of processes for the initiation of reactions during the delivery process or the implementation of rapid reaction sequences between fluid / fluid or fluid / gas, even under high pressure conditions and high process temperatures.

With their tolerance to solid fractions, there are possible reaction sequences with micron-solids-containing fluids or the initiation of precipitation reactions during the delivery process.

Due to their hermetically sealed, magnetically coupled design, they ensure emission-free handling of aggressive fluids and environmentally hazardous substances and meet the requirements of TA-Luft (technical instructions for keeping the air clean).

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