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Peripheral mixers Espira 02 in
application-specific design

The delivery, mixing, diluting, dispersing and homogenizing during the delivery process with hermetically sealed peripheral pumps

Peripheral mixers Espira 02

Espira 02 - Peripheral mixers in special application-specific design have a comparable design and the same constructive characteristics as standard peripheral mixers. They are also magnetically coupled and hermetically sealed. However, material selection and pump head design are in special design adapted to the special mixing process.

Heatable 300 ° C:

Heatable peripheral mixers E02 are used if high process temperatures are required due to the process or if mixing processes with solidification-critical melts and the risk of crystallization are to be realized.

In a simple design the pump head has a heating chamber, to which a heat transfer circuit with a thermostat or a superheated steam is connected.

In an expanded version, in addition to the heating of the pump head, the heating of the split pot is included in the heat transfer circuit. In this case, the mixing pump is designed in a double split pot design, especially when low melting point fluids in the flow-reduced split pot region carry the risk of crystallization.

In special process-related requirements, the pump head can also be electrically heated to maintain a required process temperature or for a necessary preheating of the pump mixing head in the start-up phase of the process.

In specific cases, we ask for consultation.

High temperature design:

High temperature peripheral mixers Espira 02 are specially designed for mixing processes with high process temperatures. They are always calculated and designed for the specific application. In terms of design, the extremely different thermal expansion coefficients of the materials used and the temperature dependence of the drive magnets must be taken into account. Heatable pump heads, separately heatable bearing housings, decoupled and partly coolable drive lanterns, separate split pot rinses or even special operating modes make the design of these mixing pumps a very complex task.

In individual cases, peripheral mixers can be designed for fluid temperatures up to 450 ° C.

Coolable pump heads:

Coolable peripheral mixers Espira 02 are mainly used when process-related required fluid temperatures to keep constant or to ensure the heat dissipation in exothermic mixing- / dilution processes or to avoid outgassing effects (and cavitation) during the mixing process.

In a simple design the pump head has a cooling chamber, to which a coolant transfer circuit with a cryostat or a cold water circuit is connected.

In an expanded version, in addition to the cooling of the pump head, the cooling of the split pot is included in the coolant transfer circuit. In this case, the pump is carried out in a double-gap pot design, especially when low boiling point fluids are to be mixed, exothermic mixing operations result in additional heat generation, and at the same time heat generation through the magnetic drive in the split pot region is to be limited or avoided.

Corrosion-resistant equipment:

Corrosion-resistant E02 peripheral mixers are used when mixing the most aggressive fluids requires maximum chemical resistance. For this purpose, the stainless steel housing of the peripheral mixing pump and the flange connections are equipped with full PTFE inliners. The pump rotor and the split pot are also lined with PTFE or manufactured in a PTFE carbon version. The pump shaft consists of a SiC or WoC ceramic.

Process pressures 750 bar:

High pressure peripheral mixers Espira 02 are especially in demand for mixing processes with high system pressures. They are always calculated and designed for the specific application. Above all, the split pot must comply with the requirements of the Pressure Vessel Ordinance, are not allowed to restrict the transmission of the magnetic drive forces and keep the heat generation due to eddy current losses low.

In individual cases, peripheral mixers can be designed for system pressures up to 750 bar.

The pressure build-up between pump input and output, means the so-called dp, is independent of the system pressure of the mixer. The pressure difference between pump input and output is based exclusively on the assigned characteristic of the mixing pump.


Espira 02 multi-phase mixers utilize the ability of the peripheralpump principle to absorb, distribute and deliver high levels of gas in the fluid.

They are therefore particularly suitable for simultaneously mixing fluids and gases during the delivery process and for mixing gases in finely dispersed form in a liquid.

With special impeller geometries, gas fractions up to 50% by volume can be mixed into the fluid and transported along in individual cases.

Atex compliant design:

Atex-compliant Espira 02 mixing pumps are designed for use in Zone 1 and 2 potentially explosive atmospheres. All pump-relevant components and the overall design of an explosion-proof pump are designed taking into account the respective Ex classification of the production facility according to Atex regulations. Ex-certified engines with required temperature monitoring are installed by market-leading engine suppliers.

Please note that as a special pump manufacturer, we can not provide Atex certification on our pumps. However, we provide Atex compliance with the delivery of each pump.

Frequency converters are usually outsourced from the hazardous location. If a solution with a permanently installed frequency converter is required in individual cases, we ask for consultation in order to be able to solve your application precisely.

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