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Small-gascirculators Ziclon 04

The delivery of corrosive gases in the limit range of temperature, pressure, corrosivity with hermetically sealed gascirculation-pumps

Small-gascirculators Ziclon 04

Ziclon 04 - Small gascirculators are special, oil-free and speed-controlled gas delivery pumps, designed for small volume flows in the laboratory, in device applications and for industrial using.


Ziclon 04 - Small gascirculators essentially consist of the pump housing, the asymmetrically mounted rotor and the magnetically coupled drive motor.

There are 3-5 slots in the rotor, in which displacement plates (slides) are fitted. Due to the centrifugal forces of the rotating rotor, they are pressed against the housing wall and form several delivery chambers.
The asymmetrically mounted rotor increases the volume of the delivery chambers on the suction side and generates the suction process.

The further rotation of the rotor reduces the chamber volumes again and the gas is pressed out to the pressure side of the pump.

Ziclon 04 gas circulation pumps are basically manufactured in a magnetically coupled design. They are therefore hermetically sealed and also pass the helium leak test.

Material features:

Ziclon 04 Small-gascirculation pumps are designed for simple gas delivery, but also for harsh industrial conditions and aggressive gas applications. The pump housing is therefore customer- and application-oriented in various hardened stainless steels, ceramics and tungsten carbide (hard metal). The displacement plates are made of SiC ceramic, PEEK or a special carbon and do not require any lubrication.

Operating conditions:

Ziclon 04 gascirculation pumps can be used as feed pumps or as compressor or vacuum pumps for the delivery of aggressive gases and gas mixtures, hot or radioactive contaminated gases or for high-purity gases. They can be designed for high pressure processes or used as a bypass pump for gas analysis systems.

They are adapted to the most demanding conditions of use. This includes process temperatures up to 300°C, system pressures up to 400 bar and ATEX-compliant Ex designs.

The pump heads can be heated electrically, with superheated steam or heat transfer oil, or cooled with water or refrigerant.


Depending on the application and integration in the gas circulation process, the gas connections use cutting ring fittings, flange connections or high-pressure fittings.


ZiclonLab – Small-gascirculators are designed in a compact housing and with integrated speed control. A separate frequency converter and its installation is not required. This saves time, space, installation effort and investment costs

Operation can be carried out either directly via the illuminated touch panel on the pump or via external interface communication.

For external control a 4-20 mA analog interface and a digital RS232 interface are available. The setup button on the user interface can be used to select between internal and external operation.

ZiclonLab gascirculators are therefore compact, speed-controllable and automation-capable system solutions for all delivery gas in the laboratory, in process development and for device applications.

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