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Carino C09 high pressure metering pumps

The power and precision of high pressure dosing with dual drive technology, flexible pump head arrangements and optimized valve technology

Carino C09 high pressure metering pumps

Carino-C09-high pressure metering pumps are specialized, high-precision piston metering devices for analytical, chromatographic and preparative chemistry, HPLC technology and all high-pressure processes in chemical and process engineering. In their dual drive technology, they offer maximum flexibility and functionality with an extremely space-saving design.


Instead of a stepper motor drive with a rigid drive mechanism for two dosing piston (working- and auxiliary piston), Carino-C09 dosing units work with 2 independently oscillating working pistons and with optimized valve technology. 2 pressure sensors, each connected to the pump head with a capillary tube, monitor the dosing process.

Drive Technology:

The 2 dosing pistons are moved independently of each other with an electronically controlled stepper motor. The duration of the ejection process varies depending on the set metering quantity, while the suction stroke is always implemented at maximum speed. During the short suction phase of the working piston, the second working piston takes over the ejection process and ensures the desired, pulsation-free volume flow.

In this dual discharge characteristic that bridges the suction process, the C09 high-pressure dispensers differ significantly from comparable metering pumps on the market.

Material features:

The pump heads of the C09 dosing pumps are made of stainless steel or Hastelloy steels, the working pistons in sapphire and the valves in ruby ceramic. In this sophisticated material equipment, maximum chemical resistance is taken into account for a wide range of applications.

Fluid connections:

Standard M12x1 screw connections (UNF 10-32) with pressure-side capillary tube connection 1/16 “are used for the fluid connections. Two capillaries on the outlet side are connected with a T-piece.

Adaptations to pipe connections 1/8 ”to 8mm are available for the suction-side connection in order to ensure that the suction process is as free of cavitation as possible.

Automation capability:

Carino C09 have a high degree of automation capability.

Each dosing pump is equipped with two 4-20 mA analog interfaces to specify the dosing rate externally and to start / stop the pump

Furthermore she has

• an RS233 serial interface
• a USB port
• a LAN connection

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