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Gas circulation pumps Ziclon 04 in application-specific design

The delivery of corrosive gases in the limit range of temperature, pressure, corrosivity with hermetically sealed gascirculation-pumps

Gas circulation pumps Ziclon 04

Gas circulation pumps Ziclon 04 in application-specific design have a comparable design and the same design characteristics as process gas circulation pumps. They are also magnetically coupled and hermetically sealed. Material selection, pump head design and speed control are in special design adapted to the special delivery process.

Heatable 300 ° C:

Heated pump heads are required if conveying processes with high temperatures can be implemented or to be kept constant during the pumping process and to avoid back condensation in the pump head. The pump head can be heated electrically or with a heat transfer medium.

The temperature of the pump head is controlled by external temperature controllers or by the flow temperature of the connected thermostat

Coolable pump heads:

Coolable pump heads are ideal if cooled process processes are to be ensured and abrasion-related heating during the pumping process in the pump head is to be avoided. The pump head can be connected to a refrigeration cycle.

The temperature control of the pump head is based on the flow temperature of the connected thermostat / cryostat.

Prozessdrücke 400 bar:

Ziclon 04 - gas circulators can be designed up to system pressures of 400 bar. They are used when gasdelivery or a chemical reaction process have to take place at high process pressures. The maximum pressure difference of a gas circulation pump is not affected by this system pressure design

Verschleißarme Ausführung:

Verschleißarme Ausführungen sind gefragt, wenn Prozesse mit höchster Gasreinheit, mit minimalstem Partikeleintrag und mit besonders hohen Standzeiten angestrebt werden. Der physikalisch unvermeidbare Abrieb kann durch speziell gehärtete Laufflächen, Keramikeinsätze, spezielle Verdrängerplatten und durch kontrolliert geregeltes Drehzahlverhalten reduziert werden.

Adapted speed control:

Speed-controlled gas circulators can be networked with external frequency converters for variable, speed-adapted delivery, or equipped with a frequency converter mounted on the drive motor.

The functionality of the frequency inverter can be used to control the start-up of the pump (soft start), the setting of the specific operating point, process-dependent flow rates or even energy-efficient operation.

Atex compliant design:

Atex-compliant gas circulation pumps are designed for use in Zone 1 and 2 potentially explosive atmospheres.

All pump-relevant components and the overall design of an explosion-proof pump are designed taking into account the respective Ex classification of the production facility according to Atex regulations.

Ex-certified engines with required temperature monitoring are installed by market-leading engine suppliers

Please note that as a special pump manufacturer, we can not provide Atex certification on our pumps. However, we provide Atex compliance with the delivery of each pump.

Frequency converters are usually outsourced from the hazardous location. If a solution with a permanently installed frequency converter is required in individual cases, we ask for consultation in order to be able to solve your application precisely.

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