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Inline-Peripheralpumpen Flujo 01

The flexible integration of peripheral wheel pumps in a delivery process

Inline-Peripheralpumpen Flujo 01

Flujo 01 - Inline-Peripheral wheel pumps are magnetically coupled peripheral pumps,
integration into a defined pipe run.


Flujo 01 - inline peripheral wheel pumps have a comparable design and the same construktive characteristics as standard peripheral wheel pumps. They are also magnetically coupled and hermetically sealed. Material selection, pumphead design and speed control are adapted to the special Inline-Operating conditions.

Inline peripheral wheel pumps are designed in particular in the design of the delivery channel, the arrangement of the interrupter and the design of the impeller so that they can be integrated "inline" in the delivery process.
This is particularly necessary when building a new system in which the routing of the fluid flows, due to the process or space reasons, does not allow the typical vertical inlet and outlet of a peripheral wheel pump.
The integration of a pump in an existing system with a fixed pipe run can also justify the design of an inline peripheral wheel pump.

Material features:

Flujo 01 – Multi-phase pumps are designed primarily for harsh operating conditions, aggressive fluid properties and high gas fractions in the fluid.

Various stainless steel, Hastelloy, ceramic and tungsten carbide (carbide) or PTFE linings are used for the pump housing. For static sealing O-rings made of FKM, FFKM (Kalrez) or high-temperature resistant seals are selected.

Fluid connections:

Depending on the application and integration into the delivery process, stainless steel or PTFE / PFA cutting ring fittings, flange connections or high-pressure fittings are used for the fluid connections.
Fluid connections can be attached on an inline peripheral pump vertically as well as horizontally on the circumference of the pump head.

Frequency converter operation:

Peripheral wheel pumps are characterized by a linear characteristic. In contrast to other feed pumps, they can be controlled on the pressure side as well as on the suction side by reducing the cross-section or using a control valve. However, the more energy-efficient solution for setting and controlling the volume flow is a frequency converter.

Peripheral wheel pumps can be excellently controlled via a frequency converter in a wide range of delivery. For this reason, the use of a peripherally installed frequency converter is recommended in any case for reasons of practical handling and energy efficiency. In individual cases, integrated solutions can also be offered with a frequency converter installed on the pump.

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