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Dosing pumps Ritmo®05 heated

The process safety of an electrically heated metering pump and integrated control for hot fluids, melts and viscous fluids

Dosing pumps Ritmo®05 heated

Heatable dosing pumps Ritmo®05 have the same constructional characteristics and advantages of a standard dosing pump Ritmo®05. They are equipped in solid PTFE for all fluid-wetted components, have positively controlled valves and a pulsation-poor discharge process.


In the basic version of heatable Ritmo®05 metering pumps, the PTFE pump heads are equipped with electrical heating up to a temperature of 120 ° C in order to keep the fluid temperatures required by the process constant, to prevent crystallization and to keep viscous fluids metered.

A software stored in the central pump control takes over the control of the setpoint / actual temperature and its limitation and safety shutdown. Armaflex insulation ensures stable thermal insulation of the pump head.


In an extended version of heated Ritmo®05 dosing pumps, the pump head can be heated up to temperatures of 150 ° C. In order to avoid heat transfer to the pump drive and the control electronics the pump head is thermally decoupled from the pump housing and the drive axle. Membrane and valve actuators work via axle extensions.

Heated Hoses

If required, heated Ritmo®05 dosing pumps can be equipped with electrically heated hoses to install a complete, electrically heated system solution from the tank to the reaction vessel. The power supply of the heating hoses is also provided by the metering pump. The actual temperature of the heating hoses is displayed in the pump display.

Special, so-called REAH-Flex fluid connections ensure hermetically sealed connections between the dosing pump and the external heating hoses with their continuous PTFE hose.

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