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Dosing pump Ritmo®05 CAT

Dosing of high percentage nitric acids with acid metering pumps in full PTFE equipment and with positively controlled valves

Acid pump Ritmo®05 CAT

Ritmo®05 CAT nitric acid pumps have the same constructive characteristics and advantages of a Ritmo®05 dosing pump. They are equipped in full PTFE for all fluid-wetted components, have positively controlled valves and a pulsation-poor discharge process.


In their design, Ritmo®05 CAT nitric acid pumps are specially adapted to the high safety requirements of the metal injection molding (MIM) debindering process in addition to the extremely high chemical resistance to 98% nitric acid.

This includes
Transfer of the power supply and all interfaces of an externally controlled operation into the protected pump housing.

Control of the metering pump via the associated debinding furnace including its start release after nitrogen has been superimposed in the debinding furnace

Authorized access to the metering parameters of the acid metering pump to prevent unauthorized access to the pump

Prevention of HNO3 overdose by redundant circuits

Immediate, hermetic closing of the positively controlled valves after ending or abrupt interruption of the debinding process

Safe, hazard-free emptying of HNO3-filled dosing lines into the original with a Return-Ext- function

Fastest emptying of all HNO3-filled dosing lines in case of danger with a clean function

MIM procedure and accessories:

The MIM process
The MIM process (Metal Injection Molding) is a special powder injection molding process for the production of components of complex geometries and high volumes.

Catamold® stands for a special MIM technology with granules of metal or ceramic powder and a polyacetal binder developed by BASF SE.

From so-called green parts is removed with a catalytic debinding process the binder residue-free from the components.

The debinding is carried out with gaseous nitric acid in a gas-tight oven at temperatures of 110-140 ° C under N 2 atmosphere.

The acid metering pump R05 CAT doses smallest amounts of a 98% nitric acid into the debinding furnace, which evaporates in an evaporator shell. The catalytic action of the nitric acid vapors leads to very fast binder removal times.

For a laboratory oven with 50 l content about 40 g / h nitric acid and about 500 liters N2 / h are needed.


  • Acid bottle with PTFE screw connection including fluid connections for PTFE dosing hoses and venting connection to the debinding furnace
  • Evaporator bowl in full PTFE for the debinding oven
Acid bottle

evaporator dish

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