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Ritmo®032 dosing pumps

The robustness and intelligence of a dosing with flexible mounting options, large adjustment range
and high automation capability

Ritmo®032 dosing pumps

Ritmo®032 dosing pumps are demanding, powerful and user-friendly dosing pumps with their high functionality, wide adjustment range and control options. They cover the wite spectrum of possible dosing tasks from water and wastewater treatment to applications in process engineering and the chemical industry.


Ritmo®032 dosing pumps are stepper motor driven diaphragm dosing pumps with robust connecting rod drive, optimized dead space reduced pump head, integrated venting valve and double ball valve technology.
With 3 sizes and versatile control options, they represent the Allrounder version of modular and speed-controlled dosing pumps.

Ritmo®032 pumps have an extremely wide adjustment range from 6 ml / h to 15 l / h and limit
the variety of types, spare parts and investment costs with only 3 sizes,

6 ml / h – 15 l / h
4 – 10 bar

Materials Equipment

Their wide material range with PP, PVC, PVDF, PTFE and stainless steel pump heads ensures maximum chemical resistance the most versatile possible applications.

Especially in their full PTFE version, the dosing pumps are suitable for almost all aggressive fluids, acids, alkalis or solvents, for high-purity processes and metal-free applications. All fluid wetted components, i.e. the pumphead, ball valves, full PTFE diaphragm and fluid fittings are made from virgin ultrapure PTFE to ensure ultimate chemical resistance, maximum product purity and zero metal down to the ppb range.

Drive technology

The membrane deflection takes place with an electronically controlled stepper motor and force fit drive. The duration of the ejection process varies depending on the set dosing, while the intake stroke is always implemented at a constant speed.

The adapted control of the membrane speed to the dosing cycle optimizes the properties of the dosing pump in unique way

  • The constant, maximum stroke ensures lowest dead volumes, reduces the risk of outgassing of the medium and improves dosing accuracy.
  • Smooth, constant fluid output reduces pressure spikes in the pump and lines and increases the life of consumables.
  • The low-pulsation ejection process improves mixing at an injection port, in a mixer or in a reaction vessel<(li>

Device use

The pumps of the Ritmo®032 series are characterized by simple handling by means of a rotary / push wheel, intuitive user guidance and direct entry and display of the dosing rate in μl / min or ml / min.

The application parameters, dosing status and error statuses are displayed on a large color LC display. Different colors signal operating or fault conditions and ensure optimal visual monitoring of the operation of the pump.

It is possible to react as quickly as possible to fault conditions, operational failures and dangerous moments.

White - dosing pump in standby
Green - dosing pump works
yellow - Warning, dosing pump continues to work
Red - alarm, dosing pump is stopped


R032 dosing pumps have a wide range of operating options with the resulting dosing properties
• Manual operation
• Quantity-proportional dosage (pulse signal)
• Anti-cavitation mode (50%, 25%)
• Calibration function
• Service menu

Further, optionally available functions control the dosing pump and its dosing quantity via an analogue signal. Signal outputs for alarm / warning / operation / stroke signal can be parameterized.

• Quantity-proportional dosage (pulse or analog signal)
• Freely programmable output relays

Fluid connections

The fluid connections are selected depending on the pump head design.

Stainless steel pump heads are used e.g. equipped with ¼ "internal thread into which standard cutting ring screw connections can be screwed.

PTFE pump heads are equipped with PTFE fittings with clamping and sealing ring in full PTFE in continuation of highest chemical resistance.

Installation flexibility

Maximum installation flexibility thanks to a universal mounting plate with click function for quick installation or replacement of the dosing pump is available for all models. For maintenance work, the pump is simply removed from the mounting plate and later snapped back into the mounting plate.

A rotating operating cube allows different installation situations in production plants, dosing stations or pilot plants without installing additional wall brackets.


R032 metering pumps have the following inputs and outputs as standard:

• Ext.Start / Stop
• Pulse signal
• 2-level level monitoring
• 1 analogue control over 0/4 - 20 mA
• 2 programmable output relays for alarm / warning / operation / lifting signal

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