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Metering pumps Ritmo®033
membrane monitored

The process safety of a dosing with two working diaphragms and pressure monitoring

Dosing pumps Ritmo®033
membrane monitored

Diaphragm-monitored dosing pumps Ritmo®033 have the same constructional characteristics and high functionality of a dosing pump Ritmo®033. They offer a wide range of materials, high functionality and automation capability.


In the diaphragm-monitored pump head design, R033 pumps feature a pump head design with 2 working diaphragms and pressure sensor for maximum process safety.

Between the pump head and the pump housing is a large-volume intermediate chamber, which is hermetically limited by the dosing diaphragm and a pressure-stable, chemical-resistant shut-off diaphragm, also in full-PTFE design.
A pressure sensor permanently monitors the pressure in the intermediate chamber

In the case of a possibly occurring membrane rupture of the dosing membrane, the penetration of the chemical leads to a pressure build-up in the intermediate chamber and to an immediate triggering of the alarm.

At the same time the shut-off membrane prevents the penetration of the chemical into the pump housing with the risk of total damage to the pump due the action of chemicals or an explosion.

The double-diaphragm version is particularly suitable for metering with high inlet pressure (low boiling point fluids, liquefied gases) and highest safety relevance.

Both the R032 metering pump series and the R033 metering pumps can be equipped with a double diaphragm.

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