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Ritmo®032 / 033 Pressure Holding Valves

The process adjustment of a dosing with integrated pressure holding valves

R032 / 033 Pressure Holding Valves

Pressure holding valves are designed specifically for integration between the pump head of a R032 / R033 dosing pump and the pressure line. They form a compact unit with the pump head and the fluid fittings.


R032 / 033- Pressure holding valves are manufactured in full PTFE design and ensure the chemical resistance of the chemical-resistant PTFE metering pump with integrated pressure holding valve. All fluid-wetted components (housing, diaphragm) are designed in a corrosion-resistant full PTFE design.

The maximum application-related back pressure for the dosing pump is limited by a manually adjustable, spring-loaded spindle.

R032 / 033-DHV are screwed directly on the pump head and reduce the installation and mounting costs with their specific design.
In addition, the DHV can be integrated in heatable pump head versions.

The pressure holding valves are available in 2 sizes for all R032 / R033 dosing pumps.

Full-PTFE pressure holding valves are also available with two PTFE fittings for integration into a fluid line.

Function of pressure holding valves:

Pressure holding valves support the functionality of the dosing pump in a variety of applications.

  • Pressure holding valves ensure a necessary for the function of the dosing pump back pressure. Especially in applications with too little back pressure or in unpressurized applications, they improve the tightness of the pump valves.
  • With fluctuating back pressures in the plant Pressure holding valves stabilize the working conditions for the metering pump and ensure a process-stable dosing.
  • In non-pressurized application or hydrostatic differences between the suction and discharge side of the pump (for example, higher storage reservoir) prevent pressure holding valves so-called siphon effects.
  • If the back pressure is too low compared to the applied pre-pressure of a dosing pump, a pressure holding valves prevents an uncontrolled inflow of the fluid into a mixing or reaction process.
  • Pressure holding valves prevent draining of the dosing lines when the dosing pump stops, which usually requires a new filling and venting and makes trouble-free process conditions difficult or falsifies results.
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