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Dosing pump Ritmo®05 pH

The pH-controlled metering with integrated control module, positively controlled valves and in full-PTFE design

Dosing pump Ritmo®05 pH

pH-controlled Ritmo®05 pH dosing pumps have the same constructive characteristics and advantages of a Ritmo®05 dosing pump. They are equipped in full PTFE design for all fluid-wetted components, have positively controlled valves and a pulsation-poor discharge process.


Dosing pumps Ritmo®05 pH are equipped with a self-learning fuzzy controller, interfaces for the connection of a pH measuring sensor and a second dosing pump for a two-sided pH control. It has software specially adapted to the pH-dependent mode of operation.

The fuzzy controller is already integrated in the pump control. The installation of a separate control unit is not required.

The pH sensor is connected directly to the dosing pump.

In this version, the R05-pH is a coordinated system solution consisting of pH measurement, dosing of basic and / or acidic fluids and pH control. This saves space, installation costs and investment costs.

The full-PTFE equipment allows the dosing of all conceivable aggressive, acidic or basic fluids that are used for the respective pH-dependent process.

The high-resolution stepper motor technology enables very precise and even dosing processes in the pH-dependent process without overshooting the setpoint pH value due to excessive single-stroke dosing.

pH control:

The dosing pump R05-pH can be used as a standard dosing pump (without pH control) or as pH-controlled metering pump.
pH-geregelte Dosierpumpe eingesetzt werden.

The controller integrated in the dosing pump is designed as a self-learning fuzzy controller to meet the complex requirements of pH control. An additional regulator is no longer required.

For pH-controlled use, the dosing pump is set to "external" mode and the pH sensor is connected directly to the front of the pump.

The user can manually enter the desired pH value on the display of the pump. The measured actual pH triggers the replenishment of the appropriate acidic or basic fluid.

The dosing process is carried out with the slow and low pulsation ejection process, typical for R05 dosing pumps. pH-dependent reactions can therefore be controlled extremely precisely and without serious control amplitudes (overshoots) of the actual pH value.

Temperature compensation:

The temperature dependence of a pH measurement or a pH-controlled process is taken into account by a temperature compensation.
In a simple design, especially with a temperature-constant control process, the expected process temperature is set manually by the user on the display. The pH measurement adapts to this temperature.

In an extended version, the temperature compensation is carried out automatically by permanently recording the process temperature via the temperature sensor integrated in the pH probe.

Pump display:

The process-relevant parameters are displayed in a clearly arranged pump display with backlight. In the upper 2 lines, the specified setpoint pH value and the measured actual pH value are displayed.
In further line, the current dosing rate with which the dosing pump currently regulates the pH value is displayed. The actual temperature of the fluid detected via the pH sensor can be found in the fourth line.
Die über die pH-Sonde erfasste Ist-Temperatur des Fluides findet man in der vierten Zeile.

Fuzzy control of two dosing pumps

The self-learning fuzzy controller integrated in the dosing pump optimally adapts to the complex requirements of pH control with 2 dosing pumps.

If 2 pH-controllable metering pumps are connected in this way, the pH control of a process from the acidic as well as from the alkaline side is possible. This requires no additional regulator, no second pH sensor and no second R05 pH controller board in the second metering pump. It is sufficient to connect both metering pumps via an analogue output to metering pump 1 and an analogue input socket to metering pump 2.

Dosing pump 1 with integrated fuzzy controller detects the actual pH value and regulates it to the setpoint pH value by starting dosing pump 1 or 2 for dosing the acidic or basic fluid.

Additional technical complex and expensive control loops or external controls are not required.

pH sensors:

It is possible to connect combined pH electrodes with glass and reference electrodes to a R05 pH metering pump in a single shaft. The specification for the use of a pH sensor from a specific manufacturer does not exist on the part of Fink Chem + Tec. The user remains independent in his product philosophy (f.e. technical or installation specifications or already existing pH sensors).
Unterschiedliche Diaphragma-Ausführungen, druckfeste Ausführungen bis 10 bar und die Integration einer Temperaturerfassung sind je nach Applikation möglich.

Different diaphragm designs, flameproof versions up to 10 bar and the integration of a temperature detection are possible depending on the application.

In individual cases, we clarify the selection of the respective pH sensor or the suitability of existing pH sensors and their adaptation to the R05 pH for you. Please contact us in individual cases.

Stand-alone controller

For existing standard dosing pumps R05 or also dosing pumps from other manufacturers with suitable interface configuration, a standalone controller is available.

The housing of the regulator is optionally available as a desktop device available in the laboratory or with a wall bracket in the technical center or in an industrial application.



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