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dosing pump Ritmo®05 pulsation-free

Snail-slow and pulsation-free dosing with extremely long discharge time, positively controlled valves and in full-PTFE equipment

dosing pump Ritmo®05 pulsation-free

Pulsation-free micro dosing pumps Ritmo®05 PF (PF = pulse-free) have the same structural characteristics and advantages of the dosing pump Ritmo®05. They are equipped in all PTFE design for all fluid-wetted components, have positively controlled valves and an extremely slow discharge process.


Pulsation-free micro dosing pumps Ritmo®05 PF are equipped with an extended chamber volume, a high-resolution stepper motor technology and a software specially developed for extremely long ejection processes.

Alternative for syringe pumps
The pump chamber volume is filled via a suitable suction port for a max. possible suction speed and the amount is ejected depending on the desired dosage very slowly and gently, like a perfusor pump. In extreme cases, the ejection process takes 12 hours (at a minimum dosing rate of 15 μl / min).
An oscillating, pulsating diaphragm dosing pump becomes a pulsation-free micro dosing pump and therefore a serious alternative for syringe pumps. Above all, carryover of aggressive, moisture-sensitive fluids behind the syringe plunger of a perfusor pump can be avoided.

Alternative to peristaltic pumps
The dosing pump can realize a suction process up to 12 hours. Depending on the metering entered, the dosing pump sucks the fluid extremely slowly from a reaction process and ejects the aspirated dosing volume as quickly as possible via the pressure-side valve.

In this case, the oscillating diaphragm dosing pump becomes a sampling device with pulsation-free, absolutely gentle suction for sedimentation- and separation processes, for the suction of process residues from ICP-MS, for sampling from the vacuum or for gentle dosing processes for cell cultures.
Pulse-free Ritmo®05 dosing pumps are available with heatable or coolable pump heads.

Performance parameters

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