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Dosing pump R033 EX

The safe dosing of liquids in hazardous areas of Zones 1 and 2

Metering pumps R033 in explosion-proof design

Ex-protected metering pumps Ritmo®033 Ex have the same constructive characteristics and high functionality of a dosing pump Ritmo®033. They have an electronically controlled discharge characteristic, can be equipped with stainless steel or PTFE pump heads and achieve a pressure build-up of up to 16 bar.


Ritmo®033 Ex dosing pumps are designed for use in Zone 1 and 2 potentially explosive atmospheres. They are assigned to explosion group IIB and can dose liquid and combustible fluids.

The explosion protection design is based on the type of protection EEx p according to EC Directive 214/34 / EU.
The R05-Ex consists of a pump housing with independent Ex-e approval, an Ex p control unit with flushing and pressure control function, proportional valve technology with automatic leakage compensation.

The pump head, located outside of the Ex-housing, is decoupled from the Ex housing. Leakage of the membrane or rupture of the membrane does not cause dosing liquid or gas to penetrate into the explosion-proof housing.

Ex II 2G Ex eb mb pxb IIb T4

The explosion protection of the dosing pump Ritmo®05 Ex is ensured by overpressurization of the hermetically sealed pump housing.

The pump housing is designed in IP54 and has an Ex-e approval.

A flushing connection is used to pressurize the Ex housing with an overpressure of 12 mbar. For this purpose, air / compressed air or nitrogen is fed into the housing. The overpressure in the pump housing prevents penetration of explosive atmosphere into the pump housing.

An Ex-p control unit in the pump housing with flushing and pressure control function and proportional valve technology with automatic leakage compensation ensure that the housing overpressure is maintained

Automation capability

The Ritmo®033 Ex dosing pump can be connected to external control units in potentially explosive locations and has a high level of automation capability under explosion protection conditions. Ex-designed interface relays in Ex-designed terminal box disconnect the input signals from the pump. It can be operated via Start / Stop or via an analog interface 4-20 mA.

Material features:

R033 Ex dosing pumps can be equipped with stainless steel or PTFE pump heads. In the PTFE version, all wetted parts are made of virgin ultrapure PTFE and with special PTFE modifications to ensure ultimate chemical resistance. Ritmo 033 Ex metering pumps can therefore dose almost all aggressive acids, lyes or solvents in their PTFE version.
The consistent PTFE equipment ensures the highest levels of purity, absolute metal freedom down to the ppb range and FDA conformity.

Fluid connections

The fluid connections are selected depending on the pump head design. Stainless steel pump heads are used e.g. equipped with ¼ "internal thread into which standard cutting ring screw connections can be screwed.

To the PTFE pump heads are in continuation of highest chemical resistance full PTFE fittings connected with clamping and sealing ring in full PTFE.

Pump head heating:

Ex-proof metering pumps of the R033-Ex series can be heated with heat transfer fluid up to 120 ° C (temperature class T4) or cooled with a cooling medium.<temperature class T4) or cooled with a cooling medium.


Fittings in full PTFE enable the direct connection of a pressure retaining valve, also made of full PTFE, which can be screwed directly on the pump head.

Full-PTFE pressure relief valves stabilize the dosing process, especially with swaying back pressures, unpressurized applications or hydrostatic differences between suction and pressure sides.

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